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From Randomramblings

What are Zombies?

Zombies are, in most cases, a member of the undead. However, due to their single-mindedness, stupidity, and lack of uber-awesome powers, they are generally outcasts amongst the undead, especially in high school.

How are they created?

Usually, it involves magic. Some other people have come up with more creative theories, such as an immortality elixir having a reaction with cancer which causes the body to decay at an alarming rate, alters the mind of the affected to want to eat other people's brains, and the cancerous nature makes it highly contagious. (Manze's theory) Other thoeries include some sort of virus, voodoo "magics" (actual [technique], involving drugs) or other, stranger methods.

How should we deal with them?

Zombies are retarded.

Most video games will say shotguns, or swords, or guns, or really any weapon if you're playing Evil Dead. Usually the method to kill them is to remove the head or destroy the brain.There is actually no way known to defeat them, as none have attacked us yet.

In alternate realities where zombie attacks have occured, it has been proven that swords are most efficiant at killing zombies, thanks to their lack of ammo, mechanical parts, and simplicty and speed of killing. However, shotguns have been proven more efficiant for stopping power, useful for when one doesn't have the time to kill zombies and just needs to get past them.

However, we all know that alternate realities are pure bollocks.

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