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From Randomramblings

Yiff, huh? Well, I'll try anything once.

~ Oscar Wilde on Yiff

In Soviet Russia, furry toy yiff you!

~ FirestormZERO on Yiff


When a mommy fox loves a daddy fox very, very much, Yiff happens. Loved and embraced by furries, loathed by damn near everyone else. Yiff is a powerful weapon, and users must be sure it is pointed AWAY from them at all times.

Basic Side Effects

Known side effects of Yiff include headaches, nausea, more nausea, allergic reactions in those allergic to fur or dander, disgust, hemophelia, and death. Also, hair loss, carpet burn, dizziness, pregnancy, homosexuality or heterosexuality (sometimes even bisexuality instead, asexuality also can result from yiff), viruses on your computer, LARP, insomnia, flatulence, reduced sex drive, impotence, infertility, appearance of dead hookers and increased profits in the 3rd quarter.


Most often used in RR with "Lol, " appended before, creating the far more benign "Lol, yiff."


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