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From Randomramblings

Name Moe
Age 19
Gender Male
Location Detroit, MI
Country USA
Nickname ksumoe
Occupation Student, Manufacturing

KoL User Information
Username ksumoe
Player ID# 711627
Clan Novus Ordo Gnoma

Image:Partyhard.gif This user parties hard.
Image:candlejack.png This user has been Candlejacked. D: HALP!!
Image:Bobross.png This user loves Bob Ross and paints happy little trees.
Image:Pervert.gif This user is a complete and utter pervert and is probably watching you get undressed.

Hello! Welcome to my little corner of this wiki. Wanna yell at me? do it here. Otherwise... STFU. Thank you, ksumoe.

Ksumoe? Oh yeah that guy... the quiet one that sits in the corner and stares at people... what a freak.

~ Oscar Wilde on ksumoe


Ksumoe (a.k.a. Moe, Moesy, Moedwyn, or KMoe) is a pesky little gnome from a distant land. He ventured out of his domicile and into the land of KOL and found it pleasurable. After a few months of sleeping in his barskin tent at his campground, he moved again to Random Ramblings in the KOL forums. If KOL was pleasurable, RR was orgasmic. He tried creating a few threads, but found that his humor wasn't as funny as his mom had led him to believe when he was 10 years old. Eventually he gave up... so now he just sits in the corner, in the dark, watching. He'll emerge from the shadows every once in a while and make a post, but not too often or else he will break out laughing like a giddy little schoolgirl. Around October 2006 Moe discovered the RRWiki. If KOL was pleasurable, and RR was orgasmic, then the wiki is akin to heavenly-electric-transcendence. This is because Moe likes to code things.

It's A Fetish

If Moe has one thing... its a fetish with fetishes. These things are what Moe lays claim to. Do not touch them or Moe will have to send his army of gnome friends and secksy dots (see below) to disembowel you with a rusty wooden spoon. This is the list:

  1. Bags of Milk send from Jiggak
  2. Secksy Dots (for example, ............)
  3. Gnomes
  4. Frank Zappa (Moe is Strictly Commercial)
  5. Music (see below)
  6. Bob Ross

A Musical Moe

Moe likes music, and to like music Moe must listen to the music. He listens to his music on hi $1100 mp3 player that is also known as his Dell Inspiron 6000. The computer was supposed to be used for his classes in college, but we see how that went. Music > English papers! Sadly, Moe's entire music collection was lost in the great Re-formatting Tragedy of September 2006. He still lights a candle in remembrance, daily.

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