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You've reached the user page of Hinoa4. Hinoa is currently away on business right now, and will be back once he finishes beating sense into idiots. Meanwhile, please leave your name, number, home address, social security number, bank information, soul, and a brief message after the beep. If you absolutely, positively, must get a hold of Hinoa, he can usually be reached over IRRC under the nicknames Hinoa or Faust.


Stuff that has nothing to do with anything

 It's 106 miles to Chicago.
 It's midnight
 You have:
 -a full tank of gas
 -half a pack of cigarettes
 -sunglasses (equipped)
>hit it
JNS This user believes in the one true Lord Janus as his God, Savior, and Prophet, and will be eternally rewarded in the afterlife.

The internet is NOT a series of tubes, it is a series of data servers, connected by wires. Which are likely in tubes, but that's besides the point!

~ Hinoa on the internet

KoL User Information
Username Hinoa4
Player ID# 666909
Clan 5 Digit Disco,
Insanity's Crescendo (multi)
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