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From Randomramblings

“'I have no idea where he gets his cookies. Some say black magic, I say asian child laborers.

~ Oscar Wile on CookieMancer

“'Damn the torpedoes! FIRE AT WILL!.

~ CookieMancer on The Civil War

Early Life

Cookiemancer was born in a small town in northwest nunavut known as Gïldór▬Ñìÿt (Pronounced Gel-deur-Nyay-it) in the year 2525. He grew up fast, learning many things from his father, Veer. Sadly, at the age of 6, Veer was swept up by vicious highwaymen working for the top secret infestational organization known as Blizzard Entertainment. He was forced to wander around in the vast open spaces of the World of Warcraft, a famously bleak and hostile country, for the rest of his life. CookieMancer, undaunted, moved to the quiet suburbs of New Jersey where he built a time machine using 2525 technology. He zapped himself far back and landed on the step of the first church of Janusism on May 12th, 2005. From then on, he was a legend.

Present Day

CookieMancer now spends his days wandering wisely among the vast population of rr. He often is seen walkign softly but carrying a big stick. Some say the stick is to compensate for his shortcummings. He says its to keep Mycathatesyou out of RR. He is a good man.

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