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User:Barnacle Ed

From Randomramblings

You sass that hoopy Ford Prefect? Now there's a frood who knew where his towel was!

~ Oscar Wilde on someone other than Barnacle_Ed

...WTF? Is he some sort of crustacean?

~ Oscar Wilde on Barnacle_Ed



This page is dedicated to Barnacle_Ed (Alias: Noodlehead) (Alias: Amabamus) (Alias: Metalhead204) (Alias: Maduli) (Alias: DIIV), his many exploits, and a good healthy heap of random.

Mostly, just the random.

Now it's time for a brief history! =O

Long ago, when the Pyramids were young...

Ed's username was Amabamus and he had never heard of KOL. He played Star Wars Galaxies and was, in general, a total loser. He then signed up on a guitar forum under the username "Metalhead204", but the forum turned out to be mostly about sheer randomness. And discussions about condoms.

It was a grim time, to say the least.

Ed's Origins

The username Barnacle_Ed was picked upon signing up for KOL waaaaaay back when dinosaurs roamed the earth in...I think 2004. My memory ain't so good since I lost my mind back in South America (details later on in the page)

Anyways, upon making a seal clubber, Ed then decided (yes, Ed refers to Ed's self in teh third person, lol) to sign up on the forums and get some decent, professional (cough, cough) help from experienced players. Upon reaching the forum, however, Ed found the Random Ramblings section.

Thus, a legacy was born! Posting in such epic topics as reallllly old QTE rounds and Insult the Person Above, young Ed was having the time of his life. It would not last.

Tragedy! ZOMG!

However, Ed (being the uber-pro-ass-kicking-hard-shelled-guy that he is) was called away on a super secret mission to Soviet Russia. Upon arrival, however, Ed discovered that in Soviet Russia, super secret mission is called away to you!

Terrible, overused jokes aside, Ed was forced into the backwoods of the South American rainforest with three other uber-pro peeps and a dimwitted "guide". This mission would determine whether the world would live to see another day and if Ye Olde Godes of Randome would smile upon the world for all eternity.

Okay, well maybe I exaggerated a little, but oh well. Whatevur. Long story short: the group got lost for several months, and they didn't even have a toothbrush. Nor a towel.

There was plenty of foliage, however. I have some great pictures from that little incident.

Ed sees the light!!!!

Then, things turned around. Ed stumbled upon ancient ruins that held the secret to powerful necromancy. Studying these texts, Ed was able to summon up a couple of skeletons and find his way to civilization. He then summoned up some more zombies and helped the rest of the group over.

Sometime along the way, however, the single greatest thing in the entire life of Barnacle_Ed happened: he lost his mind. I think Ed had it in his back pocket when a monkey pickpocketed it. Or maybe it was eaten by a pirannah. Or...well, I dunno. It's looooong gone now, and good riddance! Stupid logic...

The triumphant return

Upon arriving back in his little house in California, Ed realized that he'd been gone nearly a year...surely things had changed on KOL. New users, topics, even entire boards might be online at this very moment.

Ed was right. Upon logging on for the first time in a year, I recognized maybe three people. Tops. Everything was different, especially KOL with these new "ascencions" and "jewel making".

Luckily, Ed had lost his mind and was soon able to fit right back into the Random community. the rest is history.

Some of Ed's many accomplishments

(in chronological order) (i guess...)

  • Participant in "QTE II" (i think)
  • Participant of "Insult the Person Above"
  • Maker of several dozen "In Soviet Russia..." jokes
  • Maker of several dozen more "Dead Baby" jokes
  • Participant in "QTE XII"
  • Participant in the "Phase Shift II" RPG
  • Participant in "Stellaguerre" RPG
  • Participant in "Phil'Katar" RPG
  • Participant in several other RPGs that I can't think of at this moment (no offense to the creators >.>)
  • Participant in the ROF probe
  • Participant in the GA probe
  • Lieutenant and official bombardier during the war against 4Chan
  • Inventor of the S-Bomb, Cesium Hotdog, WTFPWNED and WTFPWND rays, and currently working on the project "Pretty Pink Pony" (HIGHLY classified)
  • Financial advisor in the ill-fated RR company
  • Creator of "Enter the Arena"
  • Creator of "OLO"
  • Creator of the "Zombie Ninja Pirate RPG"
  • Uber-Pro necromancer dude
  • Wet his pants during eon-8
  • Card-carrying geek

In conclusion...

Ed is one badass crustacean. Even if his postcount is pathetic.


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