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From Randomramblings

Adamjirra? God, he changes alignment and souls and personas more that a woman changes he clothes.

~ Oscar Wilde on Adamjirra

Adamjirra is a enigma, his persona and souls always changing. It is very hard for one to track what persona he is currently.

Persona: Loneslayer

The orginal persona of Adamjirra was dubbed Loneslayer. The persona Loneslayer was one who took pride and enjoyment in causing massive distruction on a large scale. This persona is not to be confused by Chaos, because Loneslayer had a sence of honor and no biast. His man reign of destruction was during the start of the Starcraft Wars, and then he migrated into the battlefield of Warcraft, and then something odd happened. When he entered the World of Warcraft, he became a Paladin of the light, ending the murderous streak of Loneslayer. Loneslayer is still alive to this day, and can be seen on any battlefield.

Persona: Adamjirra

Adamjirra is the main persona of, well, Adamjirra. He is light hearted and very whimsical, and enjoys a good laugh. Not inherently violent, Adamjirra is the planning and ruling persona, seen ruling a space faireing or eath faireing civiliation, and protecting the world from too much evil and Chaos. He advidly enjoys a good Star Trek episode, but at times, his sanity breaks and becomes something uncontrollably insane, usually involves gross overuse of explosives. Adamjirra is still alive to this day, and you should of known that fool. Duh.

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