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Three Word Game

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A three word game is a common attempt at new people to the forums (A.K.A. Newbies, not noobs) to create a fun game and a nice forum experience. The newbie in question comes into the forums, perhaps follows instructions and reads the rules, browses the first page, sees no three word game, and thinks "Hey! The three word game on this other forum was awesome. I'll start one here." Unfortunately, this is the immediate downfall of the poster, because as soon as he hits "submit" and the thread is sent to the RRers' computers, he is barraged by a torrent of posts, some helpful, pointing out how the game usually fails, some unhelpful, i.e. "LOL EPIC PHAIL N00b". The topic is inevitably locked, the sooner the better for the stated newbie. RR has literally seen hundreds of these games, and none of them ever succeed.

It is the hypothesis of a certain RR poster that if someone were to make a four word game, it would survive with the power of an extra word defending it.

Example of a typical three word game topic

A: Hey RR! This is a fun new game called the three word game! Someone posts three words, then the next person posts three words, and it keeps going and we have a story! I'll start:

  A bear went

B: pee. I win.


D: Sorry A, these threads are over done. These games never survive.


B: You guys are cheating by not only typing three words. :rolleyes:

E(mod): FIST.

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