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The other forums

From Randomramblings

Inconceivable as it is, there are also other forums connected to KoL. Several of which also actually have stuff related to the game. Nonetheless, most of RR has not ventured much in the outside.


Kingdom Gameplay

Arguably the most important of the other forums, Gameplay is where people who use a lot of numbers debate which familiar is more efficient at ping-pong, and whether a particular piece of equipment is a godsend or the worst piece of crap ever created since the record player.

Kingdom Community

In the Kingdom Community, the cosplayers of KoL run rampant. They plan annual 'meetings' where the dress up in their favorite costumes, and yiff. It is said that the Kingdom Community isn't really a forum, but a series of images. No one is brave enough to check out this hypothesis.


Unfortunately, this forum is only for help regarding Kingdom of Loathing. If you ask for help defeating Zod, you'll just get confused looks. If anyone actually notices that you've asked for help. It also has nothing to do with the Beatles album. Though you probably could dance to it if you liked.

Lair of the Pretentious artists

If you can't guess what this forum is for, you're a complete idiot. The Lair is actually very well-connected to RR, as several RR regulars with massive E-Penises have gotten their enormous internet schlongs through their work in the Lair. Most of the material can be divided up into comics, stories, poems, and art. Most art is paid for with meat, the currency of KoL. Which is good, because it's kind of stupid to pay for art with real money. I mean, it's just a pretty picture, nimwads. You could get a fake one with exactly the same effect for a few bucks. Here, though, you're paying with fake money anyway.


Like the Lair, but a lot more competitive, and with the buyers running the show.

General Asymettry

Like an older brother to RR. Except is technically younger. Was created as a replacement to RR when it got deleted by Giboc and Spikey. Then RR came back, and the people who use big words decided to stay in GA, while the rest of us stayed in RR. A probe was once sent into GA. It reported back findings. Damned if any of us can remember them, though.

Random Ramblings

That would be the full name of RR. If you didn't know that, you're probably stupid.

Ring of Flame

This is where you go to be mean to other people. It's scary. And not good scary.

Winter Quarters

Someone decided to delete most of the ring of flame. This is where all of the threads people were begging to keep ended up. No one goes there anymore.

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