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“'This account banned for unacceptable an user name.

~ Wikipedia on The_Editable_Wiki

“'Mike Jones.

~ The_Editable_Wiki on ITT: We talk like banditos

The_Editable_Wiki is a prominent member of Random Ramblings. He posts a lot, and enjoys the community. Tew joined on December 14th, 2005, and currently has 2979 posts, at a rate of 9.17 per day. He is currently the 133rd top poster. Which is good. Tew is a RR Regular.Last updated 11/05/06

See more on his user page. Or visit RR, just bring RUM AND CRUMPETS!


Tew-His name was Tew

Born on TAX DAY, The_Editable_Wiki is the heart and soul of Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and so on throughout the Internet. Known by many names, Editable_Wiki, TEW, and TEW, he merrily joins bandwagons and avatar weeks. HOWEVER, the symbol of the Bomb-Omb is his own, and is a living God upon mortals. The point of a Super Mario Brothers Avatar Week is useless, because Tew already depicting the Bomb-Omb.Tew choose his name at random, due to him wanting it so. The name seems to be deserving of his nature, often editing his messages on RR because he makes a lot of typos.

TEW is also a acronym of "Total Extreme Warfare", or Extreme Warfare. This is a wrestling game you probably never heard of. Google it. Google can find answers for you, but never actually tell you what they are.


Tew is indeed a name of royalty and importance. Tiw is an Anglo-Saxon god, with the character of an upward pointing arrow appearing on weaponry, to ensure victoryas determined by the information here. Although there are some differences in spelling (Tew, Tiw,Tewe),Tew is a noble and great surname. It is only natural that The_Editable_Wiki is the first great leader of this family, and established the supremacy of them centuries ago.


Tew was born on Tax Day, in the year 1484, during which he decided to become a Level 49 Omb-Knight for the exploration of the New World in hope of loot and plunder. He was unsuccessful, only attaining loot, and several lacerations. It was he who first heard "The Power of Christ Compels you!". And thus, "The Power of Wikipedia Compels you!" came forth. Or something like that. Using this newfound saying, he traveled far and wide and founded the Spanish Empire, the seven cities of gold, finally designing the Fountain of Youth, which is why Tew is still alive.

Tew discovered Atlantis and was forced to sink it, due to there being no more wine left there to drink. It is believed that Atlantis is the Floating Walrus Kingdom in the Sky, but it is a myth perpetuated by the liberals, for it is impossible to sink a island and have it float. Physics just don't work that way, man. Tew also founded the Flat Earth Society, left, and discredited the group by proving the Earth is round in six months for the good of SCIENCE!

Tew served in World War Two to see what it was like. He led a squad in on D-day, and successfully breached defenses and helped lead America to victory,where and eventually got to the self-efficient, perfectly formed society that does not rely on foreign governments and companies of physically everything, espically not China. The was may have made something snap in him though, and he began losing himself. One option was to undergo drastic surgery and become a cyborg ninja for the secret government operation Wolf Hounde, but decided not to.


By the time around Cold War, Tew stopped being a major figure in world history, and decided to have fun with his life. Creating various inventions, studying astronomy, and designing rockets so that we avoid all-out Nuclear War, he lead the quieter life, and had absolutely nothing to do with the inventions of the Internet. Al Gore wanted tubes, and the United Conference of Plumbers agreed,and no one else had a better idea.

Tew had steadily been losing grip on reality from 1962 onward. Experts now agree it may have been the times that changed him, and the general public agrees with them. His breaking point was hasted by Tew participating in a takeover of a military building housing a experimental weapon, Metal Sprocket. Tew almost died, according to an interview in 1984, shortly before his dive into the deep end. By 1978, Tew has reserved his vast fortune into a account, no to be opened until he could show signs of recovery. Will set out, outlined and signed, he lived the life of the poor, a begger until he wandered into what turns out the be his salvation. Don't touch that dial! See Temporary Insanity for details.And now for these commercial breaks.

Nation and Now

The_Editable_Wiki rules The United Socialist States of The Extended Bomb-Omb, which lies in the Region claimed by Random Ramblings. The United Socialist States of The Extended Bomb-Omb is a huge, environmentally stunning nation, notable for its compulsory military service. Its hard-nosed, hard-working, cynical population of 360 million are rabid consumers, partly through choice and partly because the government tells them to and dissenters tend to vanish from their homes at night. It is determined that this nation will persevere until the end of time, and then reincarnate to its former glory in a millenia.

Currently, Tew now resides in a hamlet somewhere in the United States(Ruling The Extended Bomb-Omb at his home quarters), and most defiantly not is in New Jersey. New Jersey is the American equivalent of Hell. Watch out for Megas XLR when you're there.

The Power of Wikipedia Compels You!

The_Editable_Wiki usually likes to find information throughout his vast empire that comepells you to look at it now. Due to this, we are Wikipedia remind you to use the word Wiki whenever you are looking for information.

Tew has not yet started a religion, seeming as Tew doesn't quite believe in most religions passionately. He is currently member of the Church of Janus, and aids the church financially. Tew is still alive. The rumors of suicide are false.

The Power of Wikipedia Compels you!Tew rules all of the Wikipedia on the Internet.Due to this, Tew would be a very very bust person, and assigned a whole "Government System" to the Wikis. as a result, Tew is the Ruler of Wikipedias in title, for the most part (That title being The Grand Fuhrer of Editable Wikipedia), but is able to force a most terrible power onto his empire on a whim. But, Tew has much better things to do, like post in RR, which he does a lot.


The Internet is no stranger to Tew ,as Tew is a stranger to RR. Tew is a RR Regular, and is capable of many posts in a given period of time, and yet still able to make it an enjoyable experience. The_Editable_Wiki won the great Internet War,survived RR comics, and is becoming adept in MS Paint. Tew enjoys writing Wikipedia articles (like this one), posting in the 'Boring Image Thread', and playing MMORPGs.

Space Invaders

Tew is a self-proclaimed expert on Internet Space Invaders. He got tenth place on October 28th, 2006. but was ridiculed for not using the arcade machine. Seeing as he must get the top place, he went back at it.Then 'Serbia Owned You' and caused him to lose his coveted 10th place. He vows to own Serbia and put 'RR For The Win' when he gets to the top.

Arts Career

An Example of later art.

Tew is a not very well known writer. He was insane when he wrote, and has made several works, one very successful, dubbed The Ramblings of a Mad-Man. Tew has said that he may or may not release it on the RR Wiki.

Tew has twice made a RPG. Twice they have failed, but twice they had much support. Twice he got bored, and twice they died slowly, and now only some people remember them. They are ZombiesInfestation RPG, and Distant Dungeons RPG.

To a point, The_Editable_Wiki was an artist, but his first attempt failed, but he conjured some power for RR Comics, perhaps one of the most successful Bandwagons evah. Tew's comics received neither praise nor ridicule, because it was a bandwagon. BEST BANDWAGON EVAH!

Tew was also an anchor of RR New Channel 4, or something like that. Things went well at first, but it ran out of good news, and fell apart. PNB may have had something to do with that. He had no idea about /kick Person Named Bob.



Tew views Bomb-Ombs as great protectors of Might and Magic, who keep [Mormon]s at bay, and always allow a last-ditch conversation option. Bomb-Ombs have officially defeated Cactuars in BOXING!, [RR]s failed attempt at sports, hosted by The_Editable_Wiki. It was an Epic Fail, according to Tew himself, but luckily no one payed much attention. The arena was almost destroyed due to the Bomb-Omb asploding, but it was a smoke bomb. BOXING! was taken off air due to mass mechanical failure and the company went bankrupt, from various lawsuits. Most were dismissed, as they were from a spammer, but the grounds were never used again. Except to hold the upcoming RR Movie, but that is a way away. Like, way away in outer space, man, with God and stuff.

Bomb-Ombs are keeping this page from deletion, and are the being of great gods. Bomb-Ombs are best left to their own devices, or they will attack you with the fiery rage of flaming death and explode. That Bomb-Omb will become a martyr, reincarnate, and kill you again until you run out of lives.

The_Editable_Wiki's physical manifestation is most always a Bomb-Omb. Or a Kabuto from Pokemon.

Temporary Insanity

Here lies insanity

Tew lost his mind at one point, that point being in 1984, and retreated to an abandoned church he purchased. He stayed for two decades, one year, and eleven months. There, he has told us that he gathered many leather-bound books, and wrote the Ramblings of a Mad Man, a novel that tells the life story of a man who had it all and degenerated into a serial killer. The manuscript is drastically modified from the published version, but Tew has recently won a lawsuit saying he was censored and won rights to the book.

Several threads were made expressing thought of this time, they being Temporary Insanity and Mass Hysteria. Both confused very easily, and one was locked. These threads attempted to explain thought, but all it got was CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS. It was not making any sense.

After ridding his mind of horrible and cursed thoughts, he emerged, and immediately finding Random Ramblings on the Internet. Most who know him fear he will go crazy again, and kill everyone, but has yet to do so.



  • Is a member of Janusism
  • is a bad blank filler
  • is not a dirty commie
  • is tired now, night night.
  • Jesus Christ!

Trivia is a small nation located in Western Europe. It has a population of 72 million ,and are remarkably peaceful and economically rich. Currently, Trivia has not fought a war , but their borders are slowly being encroached upon by their passive-aggressive neighbors. Religion is outlawed, and the monarchy's bloodline is tainted, so that anyone may become King or Queen. There has been no attempted communist takeover yet. Immigration is no problem, and experts call Trivia a Utopia, which is just aking for trouble.The national animal is the Norway Squid, and the national currency is the fact.


By sucessfully completeing the game the first time, you unlock the following:

  • Bomb-Omb Rush mini-game; a Cart Racing game with all of the Random Rambling charecters to choose from, each with their own diffrent strengths and weaknesses.
  • RR Monopoly; where you can play Monopoly online with RRians, some of which may be Russians, and one most defientally a communist.

Also, you are unlock Arcade mode, Gundam XII, and Pac-Man.There is a 1% chance of causing Nuclear Winter, and a 100% of recieving an Epic Fail, try again? message upon losing an part of The Game.

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