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From Randomramblings


Thassos [from the Greek 'Athanasios' meaning IMMORTAL!!!!] Thassos was born in the gun-crime capital of the UK. His parents brought him up away from the guns and more into the Greek. Thassos is 5ft 8, has black hair and brown eyes. He was born 02/04/88[UK] or 04/02/88[US].


Thassos posts mostly in RR [about ninety nine % of his posts are contained within RR], mostly using innuendo or the famed and loathed FOLIAGE? meme he produced. Also known for his love of Emeril and Kojak as well as Tassos Papadopoulos [Cyprus president]. Thassos is Greek and he sparingly goes a day without screaming the fact from the highest mountain in the nearby area. Like a mating call if you wish. Always one to join the bandwagon late.

Joined date

15th May 2005

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