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Temporary Insanity

From Randomramblings

Temporary Insanity

The Insane place of Oddballs had let many people escape and run amok, causing mass panic and emigraton from the United States of Soviet the Artic! Now, the fleeing masses think nothing really matters, and are invading GERMANY! But, then ZOMBIE HITLER attacks, and kills a duck!

ZOMBIE HITLER summoned the awesome power of Jesus Juice, and together created a utopia balencing each other out for one thousand years. HOWEVER, the dissent rose back from the grave and threatened to poke the living out of their non-respective daylights. The combined power of Zombie Hitler and Jesus Juice was no match for the dead tourists and such, and gave in to their demands: A hot tub, a mini-bar, and an exclusive, ten year season trip to the Antatric Circle, where they can colonize the (at the time) penguinless continent.

After a long amount of time, ZOMBIE HITLER got bored, and sent the entire species of WOOLY MAMMOTHS to the continent of Austraila, where they had a wicked cool time withe the masrupials, until the 23rd Ice Age, where the Sun decided to not like the EARTH.

Eventually, ZOMBIE HITLER rotted away, and Jesus Juice was accidentally drank by a passing man on a unicyle. Things got WAAAY out of hand, and here we are.


Mass Hysteria

Along the lines oif Augest Chortey-Ninth, there was a thing in the lands of NI called 'Mass Hysteria". Th origons were never triangulated, fixiated, or broke, but simply the term was coined for the lack of dallars being present. The illusion of delusional people is thing that made men run from bears as if death sat down next to you due to Ian being an idiot. This mass hysteria has created many things, form the lightbulb to God, to bubonic plauge that we can only get once, unlike Chicken-Wong-Faung pox that origionates from northeastern Chinia. To date, for the affiar of life and death, Jorge was never able to locate the coca-cola to exterminate the fatal disease housed in the former and curretn superpowers and eradicate it, howeer it lay as a Bomb-Omb, waiting and docile.

These articles were writen by The_Editable_Wiki after going insane. He seems to be better now.

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