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Template:User data

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This template is used to provide information about you, the loveable user of the RRWiki! Isn't it nice that we think highly enough about you to provide you with this snazzy user data template?


{{User data|image=


These parameters need to be defined for the User data Template:

  • image: Image filename (MUST be uploaded to the wiki!)
  • size: the horizontal width of your image
  • name: Your real name or a fake real name
  • age: How old you are in years
  • gender: Your gender
  • loc: The location where you live
  • country: The country where you live
  • nick: The nick name you use online (IRRC, MSN, ICQ, etc.)
  • occ: What you do for a living


NOTE: User data template will float to the right of the page with any text wrapping to the left.

User data
Name Longcat
Age 147
Gender Feline
Location Sandbox, Hairball Province
Country Longcatia
Nickname LongCATS
Occupation Longest cat in the world, Meme
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