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Story threads

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A Story thread is a particular type of game.



The rules of a story thread are very simple: 1. Someone posts the beginning words/sentence/paragraph of a story. 2. The next poster in the thread is directed to post the next corresponding word/sentence/paragraph.


The reasoning behind such threads is simple: To create a very random story.


Despite the fact that nearly every game in RR requires the assumption that the denizens will play along, story threads seem to receive a special kind of response. This is likely due to the fact that it is the only kind of game that can actually be ended with the first response. This is an example of a three-word story thread:

  • A: Once Upon a...
  • B: world go boom!

This is indicative of many of these games. In fact, amongst some people there is a minor betting pool (usually using monkey points) over how long it will take before someone makes the world explode, and thus ending the game.


Though many who start these threads will wish to simply ignore the world-exploders and continue with the game, it is generally futile. This is mostly because the mod Crapstorm is a premier world-exploder, and is able to lock the thread before he even blows up the world.

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