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From Randomramblings

Starcraft is the name of the wars when space became the battlefield between three starfaring races. Many of RR have been roped up into this never ending war, and some also participate in the Warcraft wars.

Starcraft as a whole

Starcraft started a while ago, 1998 A.D is the current prediction. It involved battles between commanders who would use leigons of armies to beat the living snot out of each other. Armies availble to them were the Terran, the Zerg, and the Protoss.

The engulfment

As of Setember of 2006, the Starcraft wars ended up pouring into RR, thusly causing may RRians and past vetrans to take up the role of commanders and wage pitched combat upon these lands. Current doucmented commanders of RR are as follows:

Adamjirra(Known as Loneslayer)



Doom Inductor



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