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From Randomramblings

A spammer is someone that can't do anything meaningful, and thus resorts to just annoying everybody. They are persistant, and thus have high HP and defences--but can't resort to direct attacking, as both of their attack stats are low--and are so charmless that it's a surprise that they have any dexterity at all.


Spammer Basics

As stated before, they have good survivability, but they can't directly attack. Instead, they rely on putting status conditions on their opponents; such as poisoned, burned, paralysis, and stoned (not literally). As one with experience in Pokemon would be able to gather, this makes them very irritating to go up against.

They are best known for their main attack, simply known as Spam, used by high-leveled spammers. This attack gives the dreaded status effect "completely annoyed" to all opponents, which causes them to be so aggravated that they can't concentrate. This brings terrible consequences, such as a spell majorly blowing up in the user's face (and oftentimes KOing her), or a warrior's sword slipping out of his hands mid-swing and flying out of the arena.

Spammer Strengths

Those status effects are NASTY!

Mid-level spammers gain the ability "Accessory-Be-Gone", which when used makes an opponent's accessory have no effect. So much for trying to equip your way to victory.

The ability Taunt, which is learned rather early, makes it so your opponent allways tries attacking you. When teamed up with Spam, the effects are dangerous.

Flame-type moves not only have NO effect on them, they actually HEAL targeted spammers.

Spammer Weaknesses

Spammers crave attention. If a spammer is ignored for a few turns, they lose strength, and their status effects have a much less chance of affecting somebody. So when you're in a battle, leaving the spammer(s) for last may be a good idea.

Spammers fear Mods. Mod-type moves do double damage against them, and the mod move Ban, which is a 1-hit KO, has a higher chance of working against spammers than other types of people.

The same is true for Admins, except moreso. Admin-type moves will devastate any spammer.

(In)Famous Spammers

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