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Smiley Thread Bandwagon

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The Smiley Thread Bandwagon was a bandwagon with Smilies as a topic name. Effectively half of RR was sanctioned because of this.


The Crisis

The Smiley bandwagon of '06 is widely considered to be the most influential incident of RR's recent history. Some RRians felt it would be most humorous to create a series of threads headed with nothing but chat text smileys. This created mass confusion and chaos amongst the other residents. Many celebrated in their rebellion and gallivanted about in their own smiley faced domains declaring their free will and rebellious spirit, Others feared for their safety and Johnsons. Soon after, the smackdown commenced.

The Smackdown

The mods of RR responded with mass sanctioning and a couple dozen postcount --'s to boot. The forum admin, Aelfrhian, called the majority of RRers "pathetic children" and was totally pissed that her mods apparently have to babysit RR all the damn time. The citizens of RR recovered quickly and have so far stayed within the guidelines put down by their mods and admins.Many consider Aelf's actions in this case to be a rather extreme punishment for the actions that prompted it. Some believe the harsh measures were taken because Sauceror was going on vacation, and therefore the "troublemakers" of RR were banned in order to keep things quiet while she was gone. It should be noted that this is just a crackpot theory.

Attempts to Evade Sanctioning

One or two posters who had participated in the bandwagon craftily changed the title and content of their threads before the mods came, a tactic which had served them well in past bandwagons. One of these posters was Lord Janus, who was actually not banned for participating in the bandwagon, but for "13+ spam posts" that now only exist in one of two places; Aelf's mind, or the trash forum. Both are equally likely, but neither can be proved. The leason to be learned here is that even if you cover your tracks, you can still get tossed in the cooler for a week if you make a few posts in a thread with Mr. Woe as it's title.

The Victims

Long Sanction (~2 wks)

Short Sanction (7-10 days)

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