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From Randomramblings

The skullfuck is a forbidden pleasure, but quite enjoyable.

~ Oscar Wilde on Skullfuck


To skullfuck is to have sexual relations with someone's head. Normally through the eye socket, or the ear, it is a taboo practice--mostly because those who are being skullfucked almost always die.

It has been known to cause Sudden Exploding Head Syndrome, but only in rare cases when other types of head based sex are involved.

Do not engage in skullfucking unless you have your doctor's permission. Other side effects may include death, severe head trauma, brain damage, explosive bowels, alcohol dependancy, unexplained pregnancy, lycanthropy, necrosis, loss of vision, vampirism, AIDS, unexplained craving for crispy, crunchy crumpets, alliteration, megalomania, loss of self esteem, unexplained hatred towards the human race, memory loss, severe flashbacks, and suicidal thoughts.

It should be noted that Oral Sex is NOT considered skullfucking.

Famous Practitioners

Lord Janus

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