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From Randomramblings

Scottmale24 is a sub-par animator and regular on Random Ramblings. He's also a furry, and he has a poor quality stickfigure webcomic.
Scottmale24 wielding everyone's favorite octagonal phallus.


When he's not masturbating or downloading furry porn off of Fchan, scottmale likes to spend time in Random Ramblings. He also plays KoL, but right now he's in HCO and it takes like, 12 minutes to use all 44 of his adventures a day. Whoopdee-damn-doo.

Scottmale's posts, although numerous, contain little to no helpful information on any subject. Ever. Sometimes, his posts consist of long strains of unintelligible dialogue. More than once, he has quote nested, broken frames, said said something horribly racist, or initiated an attack on another forum. It is because of this that scottmale has been banned more times than he can remember. It was probably like two or three times, but it may have been four.

It has been said that scottmale's favorite racial epithet is Kike, his favorite profane word is Shit, and his favorite term for penis is Chode.

It has also been said that scottmale would, quote, "tap that".

Uncle scottmale24's Amazing Webcomic

Uncle scottmale24's Amazing Webcomic is the only original comic in The Lair of Pretentious Artists. Every other comic is an obvious blatant ripoff of it, and they should all be chastised as such.

Scottmale24 invented the stickfigure, and owns no less than 7 U.S. patents as proof.

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