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Saurian2076 joined the KoL forums February 8, 2005, though his joining of RR was not until a month or so later.


The numbers

Saurian doesn't like to talk about the numbers. It's something about his past.

First posts

Saurian's first posts were in the creation of a thread in Gameplay. For a film class, Saurian had decided to make a documentary on the game, and wished to find other players in his home state of Maine. He found very few, and almost none willing to be involved in the documentary. For a while after that, he spent his time lurking throughout the forums.

His first foray into RR was at the behest of his real-life friend Lordjanus, who had already been a regular for a little while. Saurian quickly found the games to be addicting, and eventually was persuaded to begin joining in the regular random threads.

His first thread was a variant on the Three Word Game, though expanded to an entire paragraph. Luckily, Crapstorm (in pre-mod form) destroyed the thread via the "world explosion" rule, and Saurian was freed to go on to better works.

Captain Planet and K4P

The earliest thread that Saurian was involved with was Captain Planet, created by Kenny Strife. While it began as a thread devoted to making fun of and reminiscing about the blue environmental superhero, it soon evolved into an early prototype for the later RPGs of RR (The two pioneers of which would be the two of them), as they dueled as Good and Bad Captain Planet, assisting themselves with random team members and celebrity cameos.

Eventually, again at the behest of Lordjanus, Saurian ventured into the Kenny 4 Prez thread, in which he was granted an appointment as the Sacrifice organizer. However, eventually Saurian created an identity as the resident mad scientist, which stuck with him. Saurian is notable for being one of very few regulars of the thread that never broke into the top 50 list of postcount during the life of the thread.

Posting Style

Saurian doesn't have a good handle on maintaining a balance between funny and serious. He also interjects at random and innapropriate moments with unrelated subjects. Cow.

QtE 5 and the Black Angel Saga

Saurian joined the fourth Quest to Escape, run by Veer, not knowing the history behind the game. Eventually, he learned that no QtE had ever finished, and Veer's was to be no exception. Eventually, Saurian gave up, and started the fifth Quest to Escape. Unlike the ones that had come before, Saurian attempted to create an organized system of battles. The largest contribution to future QtEs was the addition of a story. The story was meager, but it involved Kenny Strife (the eventual winner) seeking vengeance, along with a man in sunglasses and a shadowy figure controlling fighters within the tournament.

The game was begun and finished within the course of a single weekend, but that wasn't the end of it. Given the unfinished nature of the story, along with several people requesting a sequel, Saurian decided to expand on the universe he had created, and created the first of many RR RPGs, the Black Angel Saga. The story expanded upon the tournament of QtE 5, explaining that the shadowy figure was the head of an evil corporation, and that Kenny Strife (played by Kenny Strife, of course) had been recruited forcibly into the ranks of their army, along with several other original characters not found in the QtE. Saurian himself even played several of the major characters, using them to provide the story and setting while the players interacted with that environment.

Eventually, however, Saurian grew frustrated with the game, due to the fact that he had started the story with no clear goals, yet was constantly being pushed to come up with more simply by the fact that he could not end it. And so, eventually, he began another tradition in RR: GMs leaving their games unfinished. He passed the mantle on to Shakespearian_Rogue, who followed it through to the end.

After that, he proceeded to begin work on QtE 7, using a completely new system of teams and battles. Despite several setbacks related to internet drama, he managed to follow it through up until the second-to-last battle. The fact that he was unsure about the audience and a lack of inspiration for the final battle caused him to give up. In later days, he has revealed that the final battle was to be a complete tie, to the point where all traditional tiebreakers within the game had failed.

Later accomplisments

Saurian also has several other RPGs to his name, though all have failed. Camp Treehouse was his first foray back into the RPG world. In it, he gathered a huge amount of players in order to minimize people being left out, and let the natural order of many people dropping out whittle the game down to a reasonable number of players. He also planned to tell the story over the course of several installments, allowing the characters to age naturally, and allowing new characters to be added and removed as necessary. This didn't work out quite as planned.

After that, Saurian ended up working on QtE X, the tenth in the hallowed series, and his third attempt thus far. In it, he stuck to traditional means, but did implement minor changes. In it, he also introduced the character of Nemmy, who he plans to use until his next attempt at a QtE, #17. It is possible that Nemmy's abilities to shapeshift and travel between dimensions will have something to bear on that game, though this is only straight from the horse's mouth. Just saying. There'll be things cleared up. And added to. Alright, QtE 17's going to begin with that battle I never actually wrote out. Happy now?

Later, in the summer of 2006, Saurian attempted two new RPGs, Motherboard and Vector Incarnated. While both were basic RPGs, with little innovation, they were unique in their storylines, as Motherboard attempted to be a story about a computer virus, and Vector Incarnated was a parody of Power Rangers. Nonetheless, both ended up failing, mostly due to outside forces affecting the players, and thus disturbing Saurian's rhythm.

Saurian2075 & Saurian2077

By playing through on "hard" difficulty with Saurian2076, you can unlock Saurian2075 and Saurian2077, his clone brothers. Saurian2075 is proficient with a yo-yo, and Saurian2077 is proficient with the mega-doom-blade. If all three clones are in your party when you defeat the final boss, you can unlock a secret dungeon.

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