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From Randomramblings

Born from the unholy union of some ketchup and a broken computer, Saucerror stepped out from Hell three years ago with the plan of dominating the world. Her unspeakable black power would have overwhelmed the universe within a decade, but then she discovered moderating and became too busy to do any subjugating.

That, and the fact that she's actually only 18 inches tall and gets exercise by pushing around and/or climbing on her mouse.


Saucerror is a Dutch woman, which means she doesn't grow drugs and doesn't work as a prostitute; but is instead a well-educated and wholeheartedly evil citizen. And she doesn't own clogs either, so shut up. Her neighbor might be a dope whore who wears wooden shoes all day long, but Saucerror is just purely evil.

Special Attacks

Saucerror's special attacks frying cooking eggs, her patented Embrace of Death, fapping, and beating off. Erm... oh, wait; same thing.

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