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This is a list of all the templates on the RRWiki. If you create a template please add it to this list.

Templates on the RRWiki

Using this template Produces this result.
This article is still under construction. HANDS OFF, BITCH.
Deities of RR

David BowieWorfLongcatFlying Spaghetti MonsterMr. TJanus

This article is currently a disgrace to the sheer awesomeness that is Bowie. Please fix this before his almighty wrath rains down upon us.
This page needs to be formatted much, much better than it is now. Save our eyes and help clean it up. Click here to get formatting help.
Image:Icon_td.gif This article is currently made of epic fail.
Please fix that problem by editing it.
{{Internet}} ----

Image:Pipe-small.gifThe internet is a series of tubes. These tubes contain this page.

This article is currently chock full o' lies.
Please correct this at once.
The title of this page is incorrect, due to the fact that MediaWiki does not allow a forward slash character to start an article. The proper title for this article is /Templates.
{{sofixit}} Thank you for your suggestion! When you feel an article needs improvement, please feel free to make those changes. RRWiki is--I bet you never would have guessed guessed--a wiki, so anyone (and their mother) can edit almost any article by simply following the edit link at the top. The RRWiki team encourages you to fix up anything you can. Don't worry too much about making honest mistakes — they're likely to be found and corrected quickly, and the sysops aren't that short-tempered. If you're not sure how editing works, check out how to format a page, or use the sandbox to try out your mad editing skillz.
{{Stub}} ----

This page needs more yiff. You can help RR by donning your furrysuit and humping it into shape.

You have stupidity.
WARNING This page needs more templates! Click here to fix this problem.

WTF is this shit?
Whatever it is, we're not so sure it belongs here. Debate it's fate on the talk page.

Templates requiring extra parameters

These templates require extra parameters to be used properly in an article. Please visit the templates page for more information its extra parameters.

Using this template Produces this result.
Book of {{{1}}}, Ch. {{{2}}}, Line {{{3}}}:
In the name of the God, Savior, and Prophet Janus, amen.

KoL User Information
Username {{{un}}}
Player ID# {{{id}}}
Clan {{{clan}}}

{{Spork}} ----

This page was originally sporked from [[{{{1}}}]].

Image:Icon_merge.gifThis article should probably be stuck in [[{{{1}}}]]'s pooper. Don't deny the happy union; merge the articles now.
{{tl}} {{[[Template:{{{1}}}|{{{1}}}]]}}
{{Q}} {{{1}}}
~ [[{{{2}}}]] on {{{3}}}
{{User data}}
Name {{{name}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Gender {{{gender}}}
Location {{{loc}}}
Country {{{country}}}
Nickname {{{nick}}}
Occupation {{{occ}}}

{{Wilde}} {{{1}}}
~ Oscar Wilde on {{{2}}}

Image:Icon_tu.gif This article was featured on {{{1}}}, and is therefore made of epic win.

Userboxes on the RRWiki

Using this template... Produces this userbox.
Image:Bobross.png This user loves Bob Ross and paints happy little trees.
NF This user isn't a furry, they just play one on the internet.
Proud_furry_35_dk.gif This user is a goddamned furry. Yiffing is appreciated.
JNS This user believes in the one true Lord Janus as his God, Savior, and Prophet, and will be eternally rewarded in the afterlife.
Image:candlejack.png This user has been Candlejacked. D: HALP!!
Image:Partyhard.gif This user parties hard.
Image:Pervert.gif This user is a complete and utter pervert and is probably watching you get undressed.
Kill This user is a serial killer. He should be terminated by the FIST.
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