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From Randomramblings

Administrators, or "sysops," (Homo sapiens administratus) are the gods of the wiki, vulnerable only to Bureaucrats and Stewards. Despite several legends of their superhuman powers, such as deleting entire articles and banning users from the wiki, sysops are quickly becoming extinct. Rarely are they seen frolicking in the lush expanses of the internet, their native habitat. It is predicted that sysops will only be extant in captivity by 2011; a captivity where they are commonly mistreated and forced to deal with prodding vandals and annoying asshats, as well as being called "baby-killing Nazi whores."

But you can help. Just call 1.800.555.SAVE to learn how you can adopt a sysop through our new Adopt a Fierce Animal Campaign™! It costs only $12.99 per month, and you can name your sysop whatever you want! Plus, all your contributions will go directly to my wallet the Save the Sysop Foundation! Call now! The number is 1.800.555.SAVE! That's 1.800.555.7283! Call now!

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