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A site compiling almost every comic made about RR or a member of RR. The vast majority of Regulars made a comic. Most of the comics were bad MS Paint drawing, or well drawn and carefully made images. The overall effect of the comics reverberated throughout RR, and many sigs, avatars, and the like were created. The original thread [RR really needs...] was created by the Walrus. The website was ran by SirIsaac, and his laziness probably led to it's death [among other things.]

RR Comics was one of the more uniting Bandwagons in recent history, and will always be remembered.


  • The Lizard
  • Oh_no_Shrubs
  • User:SirIsaac
  • TheWalrus
  • Cake_Bandit
  • HomelessHobo
  • Crazybill
  • Automatic Jack
  • Cantryboy
  • DarkHalf
  • Kazer
  • Poppington
  • Scottmale24
  • Briddy
  • Strong Bad's Fan
  • Miniman143
  • The_Editable_Wiki
  • Zerofive1
  • Thekillerfroggy?
  • Moe Ron20 20
  • Sleepy_worm

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