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WTF is this?!?

Postcount is the phenomena of posting on an internet forum. The more you post, the higher your postcount will get. IT'S THAT SIMPLE! Many users may try to raise their postcount, commonly known as postcount++, by spamming the living hell out of a particular forum. Many RRians raised their postcount by spamming one of the most legendary threads in RR, Shtty Chicken Gangbang.
Janus has the fifth highest postcount on the forums.

RR Postwhores


NOTE: These users have a postcount of +10000


NOTE: These users have a postcount of +7000

  • TinyZu
  • Briddy
  • TheWalrus


NOTE: These users have a postcount of <1000


In many circles, a high postcount will increase the size of one's E-Penis, sometimes to sizes impossible in real life without the help of plastic surgery (unless your Tommy Lee).

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