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Post Baseless Lies About the Poster Above You

From Randomramblings

Post Baseless Lies About the Poster Above You, or sometimes shortened to Baseless Lies was one of the longest game threads the forums had ever seen. 168 glorious pages long, it was locked by Betrayer for being too spammy. The game did hold the record for longest game thread, until the record was broken by corrupt wishes.


The game concept was incredibly simple. People just posted some variation of the following: ^ [insert witty text here]. It was fairly often one person would insult someone, only to be insulted back, and for this to continue on forever until another person cuts in. Many people took advantage of the "baseless lies" concept to type things like "is smart" or "has a brain", but the more renowned comments were things like "Does naughty things with firecrackers" or "is the bastard child of Neil Diamond and Wayne Newton. Science still can't explain it." It was also common for a "round" to follow a theme, such as the Matrix: "Ate the blue pill." "Ate both pills." "Snorted the red pill."

An example of a typical "round" of the game.

  A: ^ Is at this very moment plotting the downfall of Switzerland.
  B: ^Is incapable of pronouncing the letter A, he pronounces it as FLUGH 
  C: ^writes love poetry in swahili
  D: ^collects used syringes
  C: ^is a primary supplier of used syringes
  A: ^ Wrote a cookbook entitled One Thousand and One Uses for Broken Glass.
  C: /\\ runs the agency that is in charge of dropping pianos on cocky people 
  E: ^ Moves around their house through the use of momentum and large rubber bands. 

Needless to say, many many people took part in the game, creating a large amount of diverse lies that all around made an enjoyable experience, at the thread's peak.

Unfortunately, the thread soon degraded to:

  A: ^Is stupid
  B: ^Is a retard
  B: ^Is an idiot
  B: ^Didn't mean to double post
  C: Lol you not very intelligent
  A: ^Misunderstands the game
  B: ^Is a retard
  D: ^Doesn't understand these are baseless "lies" and should not be repeated either.
  B: Lol that means I do.

Causing its downfall.


When it was locked by Betrayer, a flurry of supporters immediately came to its aid, forming anti-lock threads and replacement lie threads. They were all decimated. In a shower of flames. Recently TheWalrus went on a hunger strike from RR in order to have the thread unlocked or failing that be remade. Eventually the community gave into his demands and a new baseless lies was created by Catdrake under the name of "Ungrounded Falsehoods." The new thread remains unlocked, but much less popular than the original thread.

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