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Phil'Katar RPG

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Phil'Katar is an ArmPG where various military forces from nations were transported to a small world on the outside of the galaxy. Near the end, it simply became one godmod after another and the victory was given to TKF. Originally, the victory prize was supposed to be a fleet that was able to return home to earth and take it over once again. TKF changed that and took over Phil'Katar. It was started by Darkmaster.

But thats the story behind all that isnt it.


Phil'Katar Opening

Okay, because I've noticed a lack of active RPG's on this forum as of late, I decided to create a new one.

Background The world of Phil'Katar is essentially like our planets. It is relatively like ours, and it resembles the supercontinent Pangea, as it is a new planet. A few people from various armies from around the world have been transported by an alien overmind, and have been selected to participate in varous battles over Land, Sea, Air and for the final battle, Space. Whoever wins the space battle will use their starship to return home, and bring the alien technology home with them. The losers will suffer death at the hands of their opponents.

There also was a barley used tournament board.

Page 1

The first half of this page was mostly people signing up for the war, and some people dissing the rpg.

It finally started, mainly with interactions between the users Thekillerfroggy and Zerofive1. There was some confusion when the latter sent a shipment of lead, and TKF took it as an attack.

Darkmaster intervened and explained to some of the people what they will be doing. It was also his first description of the Phil'Katarians, 9 foot tall aliens wearing a flight helmet like thing, so he can breath the air special made for the humans at this time.

Mongolia, owned by doodlemonkey, sets itself up. TKF spies and recieves the information of an upcoming fight.

A meteor shower on the planet kicks up a bit more than dust for TKF. Doodlemonkey contemplates the death of The Watcher, who is the alien leader.

He sends out a raiding party to find and capture him, and much pain and death ensues. He retreats back to his base and leaves him all alone.

TKF's meteor tarp gets caught on a weak spot, and his city-state gets thrust into a large chaos. The dust causes a mass extermination, and the nation falls into a police state.

Russia sets up an oil field. Korea finally joins up, and sets up. They attempt to name the planet, to no avail. TKF finally gets his city back into order.

There is a slight confusion from the name of the planet, but that gets resolved quickly and quietly.

Page 2

The page starts right off with the battle lineup between Korea and Russia. TKF gets a good fortified position and waits with his men using automatic crossbows.

TKF triples his men at the position, and then allies with Russia to make an unstoppable military alliance.

Korea takes some time to get ready, and foolishly attacks Chinas fortifications with sniper towers, even though the base is fortified heavily. They also discovered a strange metal that ignites the air and pierces through armor.

Needless to say, China got way too overconfident, and bit the dust hard, or so Korea thought.

TKF unleashes 'project slingshot'. Its a fucking huge ballista, and it unleashes mass pain torture and death. It vaporizes the attacking force, and then as the reinforcements flood in, the real men come out of hiding and gun all of them down.

PCGamer joins as the U.S. and explains his name while at it.

Korea loses the battle, and is eliminated from the tournament. They are given three hours to make their way to the wilderness, and then they get carpet bombed with proton bombs.

Page 3

The bombers warn the Chinese troops not to capture the city, but to watch the bombing, as it is most entertaining.

Finally, the base was attacked by a squadron of bombers that look like a cross between a F-117 and a TIE Interceptor. About 50 Disc shaped proton bombs are dropped on the city. The explosion is as follows:

"The bombs glistened in the red setting sun of the Phil'Katarian wastes. Then, the anticipated moment arrived. The first explodes with a noise like a planet made of metal bending and tearing into many individual pieces. It gets replaced about 50 times. Then, the flash. The area is about as bright as looking at the sun from fifteen feet away. The wave of explosions follow, and the city is levelled in seconds. There are no buildings left, just a few cratered ones. Well, those and a few black pools of liquid radiation. The remaining parts of buildings slowly melt into these puddles, as it seems to have a high gravity, and melts it."

There is some confusion on what really happened, but in the end, Korea bites the dust.

Brainwash D tries to godmod, fails horribly, and TKF tries to stop him. PCGamer makes a statement about his current army, which involves ATV's. They are sent to intercept the transport craft Brainwash. Supposedly, he stops all forms of trade with post Korea.

Darkmaster makes a long post stating that he will play as Great Brittan. He sets up a base on a plateau near the northern polar region, and tells about its underground passageways.

He also says that the playing field for the humans has become smaller. PCGamer finds a mine, and Barnacle Ed asks some questions and talks about some of his strengths.

The battle with Russia Vs. Mexico has been set, and Darkmaster takes on that role as well.

China accepts a trade request between it and Brittan, and creates a wicked good weapon based on it. He also gives most of his iron and lead ore, as he's found titanium and is trying to make something out of it.

Brittan and Mexico open trade together, and Mexico gets a shipment of STEN Mk2 assault rifles. Brittan also described the new STEN Mk3 as "Having the accuracy of an Ak-74, and the power of a sniper rifle, the STEN Mk3 is truly a weapon to marvel at."

Russia finnaly marches on Mexico!

They round up the troops, and travel across the great desert to fight the Mexicans! They travel by night, and have a good amount of troops backing them.

They travel by night, and keep themselves scouted out by scout planes.

Mexico unleashes a secret weapon that pretty much cooks the Russian soldiers. The Russians that aren't killed march on the city after the beam stops its lethal glow.

Thats when Mexico launches a volley of rockets at the marching troops. They are supplied with tanks by Brittan.

As Mexico's city is besieged by the Russians, it activates its microwave beam while its stuck in the ground. It cooks most everything in the area around the city. Only the high ranking officers in the beam tower itself are spared. Some automated SAM's arrive and stop the F-14's that are bombing the city from the air.

The Ruskies retreat like scared little girls after seeing that their forces have met a match.

PCGamer redesigns the ATV, allows it to fly, and pretty much makes it more kick ass.

Mexico begins the process of rebuilding, coating its buildings in a microwave resistant material, and makes its base more defendable. It buys about 10 harriers, makes a minefield, and a portable microwave generator that when activated, it stays online until its destruction.

Russia begins planning a counterattack. PCGamer devises more plans. PCGamer makes himself one of those cloning devices that everybody's talking about.

Barnacle Makes a giant snowball of gasoline, and much burning of the Mexicans (wow who'dve thought) ensues.

After some trading, which involves the trading of some elite snipers from post Korea, and some R&D, which gives PCGamer the power of Mech's. I'm sure everybody knows what a mech is.

There is a discussion of the status of most empires, and Brittan discovers the mine that Brainwash and PCGamer have also found. They make a bomb out of that metal, and it reacts about as violently as the Phil'Katarian bomb does.

Meanwhile, on Phil'Katarian politics, there has been more worker unrest as of late.

Russia fortifies its cities with.. Black Label Society CD's? What the hell?

TKF comes back and makes Gatling Ballistas, Super-Titanium, Life Vision Technology. He also has two projects in progress.

Russia gets pissed when Britan starts bombing them with their newfound material. They do not however, take responsibiltiy for them. They however do claim that the second explosion was a freak accident made when a fuel tank exploded unexpectedly.

Russia makes AA guns, and then sends ninjas to make chaos for Brittan.

Needless to say, an anti Russian propaganda program begins.

TKF makes superheated lava, which is essentially plasma, and loads it into its special SMG that fires superheated plasma. Or Lava. I dunno.

TKF asks the brits and the Russians to calm down, or he'll stop trade with both of them. And thats essentially page 3.

Page 4

The Watcher tells them to stop the fighting, or they both will forefit the competition.

And, a workers revolution has broken out in the Phil'Katarian Captial. Oh my.

This article is still under construction. HANDS OFF, BITCH.
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