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Peanut Avatar Week

From Randomramblings

Oh lawd, iz dat sum peanuts?

~ Oscar Wilde on Peanut Avatar Week
The first peanut.


The Internet is Serious Business

It all began when a famed Wandering Internet Mexican, Nana, donned a Mr. Peanut avatar (see right) and began posting in the Ring of Flame. Another Shortbusser, poopedEINpants, used a similar avatar; this made the mods think he had been double posting.

Migration to RR

At some later point, Nana came to RR and declared the First Peanut Week to be under way. Many RRers joined the fray, and soon enough it became a veritable peanut orgy. But like all good things, it had to end.

Peanut Week, Mark Two

Months later, in early June of 2006, Fishchu decided to switch to his old peanut avatar, in an attempt to start the craze anew. Lord Janus soon joined in, and Doomy followed not long after. Eventually, Nana noticed, and with the proclamation of "oh lawd is dat sum peanuts?", peanut week was reborn (with even more peanuts than last time).

Peanut Week Three

On October 24th of 2006, Moe Ron and Janus successfully revived Peanut Week. There was some resistance at first, mainly from Walrus, but he was assimilated soon enough, and no-one was left to fight the onslaught of peanuts (except Chaly, who firmly believes twice was quite enough).

Future Peanut Weeks

Naysayers, Crazy Homeless People, and Doomsday Prophets have all agreed on two things (aside from the virtues of dumpster diving): there will be another peanut avatar week, and the sheer amounts of win released during the Final Coming will destroy the Kingdom of Loathing Fora altogether.

External Links

The Ring of Flame thread that started it all.

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