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Oh no shrubs

From Randomramblings

If Shrub's penis was a cat, he'd be 100 times more popular with furries.

His penis is five times bigger than your penus. Assuming you're packing a whopping 50 ft. anyway.


Since it's creation, shrubs has worked on Late Night With The Walrus as the advertiser guy. Since Walrus left, Shrubs has become the host! Hurray!

Although the show hasn't changed much, Shrubs as added a soul sucking device to the guest coach, and has altered several of the signs, but the show still follows the same schedule, kinda.

That's right ladies, I have a fursona, kinda

Shrubs, the topiary kitty. No, there is no pornography, at least to my knowledge, (however, according to Rule 34, there MUST be) of the topiary kitty, but he was one of the original five members of the FLMH. I do not plan on buying a fursuit, or becoming a furry on any other forums besides the dying one that belongs to the FLMH, but in case I ever get a furry girlfriend, or the world is ever ruled by furies, than I'll totally have a fursona to fall back onto.

Interesting side note: Topiary kitty, or plant cat is one of the only "Leafies" in existence. Although they aren't technically furries, they still kinda look like animals.

Other Crap

Shrubs's User page

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