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An RPG set in a world similar to Greek myth, run by Saurian.



Oeal is set in the fictional and legendary world of, well, Oeal. In the middle of the world is a vast ocean filled with islands. Along the coast of this ocean are many city-states, three of which are known at this time.

  • Atraps-- Famed for its army, one of the two main cities from which the characters come from. Inspired by Sparta of the real Greece.
  • Acithi-- Known for being a highly advanced and peaceful city, with a wealth of intelligence. Inspired by Ithaca.
  • Deanna-- Not much is known of this city-state at this time, other than the fact that an alliance of city-states including Acithi and Atraps are going to war with it over a kidnapped queen. Inspired by Troy.

Other states

There are several other nations that are rumored to exist in this world. The submerged city of Chimuria can sometimes be found by a wandering ship. Atraps even claims to have invaded it. Numerous other nations are believed to exist inland, including other oceans.


Oeal's plot involves getting to the war in Deanna, fighting it, and getting back. All other plot details are top secret.


  • King Everett of Acithi-- Similar to Odysseus, born a normal man with a quick wit and strong intellect.
  • King Tendyn of Atraps-- Based on Achilles, a strong demigod with supernatural strength and a hidden weakness in his feet.
  • The Giant-- A giant cyclops living on a strange island with his flock of sheep and a large castle.
  • Seidop-- The god of the seas. Carries a large spear and has a beard of seaweed. He has a portrait in the giant's castle's hallway. Odd...


Player races

  • Humans/Demigods-- Your basic human race. Due to the lack of divine birth control, most humans have a god in their family tree.
  • Centaurs-- Like a horse, only instead of a head, they have the entire upper torso of a human. If this were a regular fantasy RPG, these guys would be the elves.
  • Cyclops-- Large and brutish, though not without intelligence. These guys are basically the meatshields of any good Oealian warband.
  • Satyrs-- Legs of a goat, torso of a human. These guys are short, horny, and can cast magic using their songs.
  • Nymphs-- No player is a nymph, but if they were, they'd be the female equivalent of a Satyr. They're like women, made out of the elements.
  • Golems-- Magic robots, basically. Can't actually cast magic, but they are made using the stuff.
  • The Cursed-- Humans that have been cursed into an animal-like form. Like a furry, except instead of yiff, they kill people.

Non-player races

  • Stormhounds-- Large squid-like creatures with bodies that resemble a dog's head. Storms follow them around. One attacked the warband early in the story.
  • Gods-- Divine beings that, as in any good myth, are likely to be heavily involved in future events.
  • Chimurians-- Well, something has to be able to live underwater in that submerged city I mentioned earlier.


The magic system of Oeal is based on the Aristotelian elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire.

  • Earth: Based around stone, soil, and the ground. Is opposed to Wind. Those with basic skills in Earth magic can heal allies. Those highly skilled with Earth magic can also cause earthquakes that can indirectly damage foes, or block physical attacks from enemies. Requires contact with the ground for both the target and the caster.
  • Wind: Based around air, the sky, and the wind. A basic skillset in Wind magic will be able to cause breezes to occur, and enhance eyesight and sense of smell. Those with higher skill levels can also use the winds to fly, and cause (as well as control) tornadoes. To use Wind magic, the caster must have an unobstructed view of the sky.
  • Water: Based around oceans, rivers, lakes, streams, and other bodies of water. Basic Water magic includes the ability to freeze water into specific crystalline shapes, as well as diverting moving streams of water. Higher skill sets can involve manipulating the shapes of water, breathing underwater, and even becoming water yourself. Water magic is literally impossible without a nearby body of water.
  • Fire: Based around fire. Basic magic includes casting fireballs, and flashes of light. Higher skill levels will create larger forms of fire, as well as influencing other forms of energy. Though fire magic may be used anywhere, it is considerably weakened in cold temperatures and in areas of heavy moisture, such as in the rain or over the ocean.
  • ??????: A mystery element. Philosophers are unsure what it is, only that it must exist in order for the elemental balance of the world of Oeal to maintain its integrity. Whatever it is, none understand it, though many have sought after it, as it would have to be the most powerful of the five.

The main four magic schools can also be combined with each other to do other things.

  • When Earth magic is combined with Water magic, can summon storms.
  • When Earth magic combined with Fire magic, can be used to create and control lightning.
  • When Wind magic combined with Water magic, can manipulate plant life directly.
  • When Wind magic combined with Fire magic, can cause explosions whose size is related to the skill of the caster.
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