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Joined the KOL forums some time a year or two ago, vanished for about a year, posted in Gameplay for a few months, then migrated to RR after one of the RR-Gameplay [anal] Probes, and has viciously postwhored his way up to the 900 club in the time since. Little is known about Neo aside from his near obsession with the game Planescape: Torment. Although it IS the most fantasmagorical game ever. Neovanglist took a two-week Mormon break starting October 22, 2006, but seems to be sticking around despite this.

Who is Neo?

Depending on who you ask Neovanglist is either a small child with a 15 foot beard, or a 6'10" black Jew capable of breaking you with one hand. In either case, approach with caution.


During RR's warmongering period, Neovanglist was elected propaganda minister, mostly for his work in videos supporting the Fatherland. Remain content, citizens.

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