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From Randomramblings


More commonly known as RR's resident Wandering Innernet Mexican, Nana is like pure awesome poured into a poncho and given a burro (that's Spanish for "burrito") to ride. We often hire her out to cut our lawns and make us enchiladas and stuff. Sometimes if the orchard needs more helpers we pay her five cents an hour to pick fruit too. Then she sells it by the side of the road!

Isn't international equality fun, children?

Every now and then she'll disappear for a while, then reappear without warning. No one knows where she goes, but it is speculated that these disappearances are thanks to the border patrol finding her and trying to take her back to Mexico. Going by this theory, she's escaped them multiple times now.

Remember, vote to keep the border patrol overworked and underpaid!

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