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From Randomramblings

Myspace, also known as EmoSpace, is a giant internet party. However, many of the people attending this party are emo, and therefore, no fun at all.


AIDS and Myspace

One wimmin contracted AIDS from the phenomenom known as sex. She continued to post it on Myspace.


Many people, i.e. emos, think that it's cool to post fake/real suicide messages in Myspace. Whether they end up killing themselves or not, they will be made fun of by anyone who is non-emo. If they do end up commiting suicide then they will be made fun of more.

Stupid and myspace

It has been stated by the thinking half of the world that Myspace is the largest den of stupid ever to have been created. Many silly people argue against this but you know it's true. Many people also promote the use of chain letters and other various types of spam.


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