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From Randomramblings

Yes, even I have tried the microwave

~ Oscar Wilde on trying the microwave

The microwave is a common tool used in everyday fixin-ups. It first came into use when Doppleplex reccomended that a fellow RRer fix a moistened cellphone by applying the microwave. What happened after was RR history.

Most RRers find allusions to the incident (incesscently saying in a thread "Have you tried the microwave?") annoying nowadays, and it is currently one of the Seven Deadly Phrases banned from use during the Saucerror Regime.

Things that can be fixed with the microwave

  • Cellphones
  • Pre-heated luncheon meats*
  • Frosted Flakes
  • Other Microwaves
  • Metal Objects
  • CDs

Things that cannot be fixed with the microwave

  • Dried-up RR Memes
  • ratbert
  • Bad Sex*

(Those noted with a * can also be fixed with Viagra. Do not, however, under any circumstances, use both Viagra and the Microwave at the same time)

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