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Manze's Zombie Short Story

From Randomramblings


Chapter 1

I woke up on a tuesday morning. The clock reads 8:20. Odd. My parents usually would have me woken up by now. I realize suddenly it's the middle of March break and my parents are in Halifax getting my sister. I start to get up, when suddenly I hear something on the radio that chills my blood.


The person on the radio is telling people to take shelter and arm themselves with whatever they can, as zombies are rampaging around North America.

Now, most people would think this broadcast was a hoax. However, due to my highly paranoid nature, I immediately grab my cordless phone and dial my best friend's phone number as I head to the garage. As I wait for him to pick up, I take the handle off a broomstick. He picks up. "Hello?" he says wearily. "Nick. It's Marc. Get over here, NOW. Zombies." "What the fuck are you talking about?" he responds. "It's finally happened. Zombies are rampaging all over North America." "Okay, I'll be there soon." he says.

I hang up, and head to the kitchen. I take a kitchen knife out of the drawer, and using some duct tape, attach it to the end of the broomstick. I then prepare a similar weapon for Nick.

The doorbell rings. I open the door and hand Nick his weapon, then pull him inside and close the door. "Any activity outside yet?" "None. I'm still not sure what you're talking about." "Trust me, they're out there."

I head down to the basement and start booting up the computer while Nick turns on the TV. I tell him to turn it to channel 8, the news channel. He does. There's a special bulletin on right now, talking about the zombie outbreak. Apparently, the U.S. government had been secretly working on an immortality formula. It worked, but 80% of the subjects tested became mindless automatons. Nevertheless, many people paid to get this treatment. However, a few of the people who recieved the treatment had cancer. They became mindless automatons, and attacked those who had given them the treatment. Apparently the cancer reacted with the formula, and caused the attacked to become zombies as well. However, another side effect of the cancer/formula reaction was that the body decomposed at an alarming rate.

The computer has booted up by now. I close the error message that always appears. I boot up MSN, while opeining Internet Explorer. As I sign in to MSN, I go to the Random Ramblings forums on the Kingdom of Loathing forums. I originally went there to tell them about it, only to find a dozen threads talking about it. Turns out I'm not the only one who believes it's happening.

I go on MSN, and message Everyone who's online about the attack. I tell them to arm themselves with whatever weaponry they can find. Most of them don't believe me, but those who know me well do. I tell them that if they possibly can, attempt to get to the Wal-Mart down near Famous Players.

I then shut down my computer and call my mom's cell phone. She picks up. "Hello?" "Mom. It's Marc. There's been an outbreak of zombies. Grab whatever supplies you can and get to an easily-defendable area. A bomb shelter would be perfect, but the roof of a Wal-Mart would work too." "What are you talking about?" she says. "Look, mom, I'm not kidding. There are fucking zombies everywhere." Nick cuts me off, pointing out the basement window. "Marc..." he says. I look out the window, and see a few zombies shuffling around. "Fuck." I mutter under my breath. "Look mom, I gotta go. There are some zombies coming. Don't worry, I'll be fine. I love you. Tell Dad and Em I love them too." With this, I hang up.

Chapter 2

I head back to the kitchen, grab a few boxes of Slim-Fast bars, and load them into a backpack. I also put more kitchen knives in it, along with a hatchet, a sickle, and a couple of baseball bats from the garage. Lacking of any firearms in the house, I empty the lawn mover and the snowblower of fuel, loading some waterbottles with gasoline. I grab enough rags for each waterbottle, then grab every match and lighter in the house. I put the waterbottles and rags in another backpack, and hand it to Nick. I hand him two boxes of matches and a lighter, and I pocket the rest.

I grab the spare car key. I don't have a driver's license, but I have a forklift license, and driving a car forwards is like driving a forklift backwards. I open the front door, and there's a zombie directly outside it. Thankfully, the window was open, which left me to thrust through it with my broomstick-spear and kill the zombie. I open the door with caution, making sure to crush the zombie's skull with a hard stomp with my foot.

Nick and I get in the car. While I'm trying to get the engine to turn over, a zombie gets in front of the car. "Marc..." Nick says. The engine turns over, and I put the car into drive. The zombie becomes nothing more than a speedbump. "So, where are we headed?" says Nick. "Where else but the Wal-Mart?" "I shoulda known." responds Nick.

Chapter 3

The drive to Wal-Mart was fairly uneventful, with only a couple of zombies around. We arrive at Wal-Mart, and head inside. Directly inside the door, armed with baseball bats, hatchets, and a couple of shortbows, are some survivors. "You're not bitten, are you?" "Nah, we're good." I respond. "Good. Feel free to grab whatever's left and help us defend. Oh, and grab some bottled water. The tap water may be infected." "Wouldn't it be better to defend from the roof? And where are the police?" I ask, as I grab us a few water bottles. "We don't have many long-range weapons, so the roof's a bad idea. The police stations were among the first places hit, too." I turn to Nick. "We're gonna need all the firearms we can get. Wanna head down to the police stations and grab some guns?" "Good plan." he responds. I turn to the survivors. "Any of you wanna come help?" Joey comes forward. "Sure. But how are we gona get there?" "I have a car parked just outside." "Can you drive it?" he asks. "Hey, I got it here in one piece, didn't I?" "Good point. Let's go."

We get in the car, and start going towards the police station. Joey pulls out a walkie-talkie scavenged from Wal-Mart, along with two more. "These things are high-powered, and should provide us with coverage across the greater Moncton area." "Thanks man." I respond.

Chapter 4

We arrive at the police station. We see a lot of zombies clustered around the shed, where a sole survivor fights them off. We run in, spears and baseball bat swinging. We fight our way to the survivor. He appears hard-pressed, but is still holding out. "How the hell did you kids get here?" "We drove from Wal-Mart. I'm Marc. This is Nick, and that's Joey." "I'm Jack." he says. "So, where are all the guns?" I inquire, slaughtering another pair of zombies. "They're all in the station. It's infested with zombies." "Well, we gotta get as many as we can. Take this, it'll be better in enclosed spaces." I say, tossing him a baseball bat. "Thanks, but how are we gona get through that mass of zombies out there?" he says, as he guns down another one. I take a waterbottle and a rag out of Nick's backpack, and take out a lighter. "Guess." I light the Molotov Cocktail and throw it at the zombies. It explodes, instantly destroying most of the zombies. The remainder fall beneath the officer's gunfire and the makeshift weapons Nick and I have. Joey scavenges the shed for weapons.

Chapter 5

We head towards the station. There are a few zombies around, which we quickly dispatch. As we enter the building, I motion for everyone to be quiet. I ask the officer to take the lead, and hand him my spear. He leads us to the armory. Once we're in the armory, I close the door behind us and let out a sigh of relief. Nick looks around at all of the weapons. "Dude, you've got fucking Pancor Jackhammers here. Why the hell would a small-town police outfit need fully-automatic shotguns?" "I dunno. I've wondered that myself." he responds. "Whatever. Joey, Jack, grab as much as you can carry and bring it to the car. Me and Nick will cover you." So Joey and Jack hand us their baseball bats, adn start pocketing all the ammo they can, along with pucking up as many guns as they can. When their arms are both full, we head back to the car. There are still no zombies. "This is creeping me out." Nick says. "Fuck yes it is." I respond. "I have a feeling something big is going to happen soon. Make sure to grab a shotgun, Nick." I say, as I put my supplies in the back seat of the car and grab a Pancor and some ammo.

Chapter 6

We head back into the station. I imediately sense something is wrong, and stop moving. That's when I notice teh floor seems to be moving. Upon closer inspection, it seems that cats and rats are now being infected with the virus. "FUCK! OPEN FIRE, NICK!" I scream. We start shooting at the floor. Dead zombie animals fly everywhere. "We gotta get to the armory!" Joey yells. "Good call. RUN!" I yell.

The four of us run to the armory as fast as we can. We somehow manage to get to it without being bitten. Joey and Jack both grab M4A1 Carbine rifles, along with a pair of Colts for sidearms. They also grab extra ammo for their guns. We grab some extra guns, shouldering them by their straps, and load outr pockets with ammo. "This may be our last trip here, so grab everything you can." I say. "On three, I will open the door. Open fire at will. One, Two, THREE!" I yell, pulling open the door and flinging myself to the side. I roll to cover behind Nick, Jack and Joey. I catch a glimpse of many, many zombies coming uop the hall. most of which fall under the hail of fire put out by my three assistants. I spot a sole hand grenade in a rack, and I pick it up. "On three, duck! One, two, THREE!" I shout as I pull the pin on the grenade and throw it. I then go prone and shoot any zombies I see, as I wait for the explosion. It came. It decimated the entire zombie horde, leaving only a handful of survivors, which are promptly cut down.

As the dust clears and the smoke settles, I stare at the hallway. "Whoa." Nick mutters. "That was some serious zombie massing." We head back out to the car, with everything we could carry. We load the weaponry into the trunk. I turn back to head towards the building, and see an incredibly large mass of zombies swarming the police station. "It would be an incredibly bad idea to go back into there. LEt's head back to Wal-Mart with what we've got." I say. Nick grabs an M4A1 and hops into the passenger seat, while Joey and Jack both grab pairs of pistols and hop in the back seat.

Chapter 7

The drive back to Wal-Mart was fairly uneventful, with only a single zombie seen (it was promptly gunned down by Nick). When we arrive at Wal-Mart, the number of survivors has increased signifigantly. I hop out of the car. "Anyone who isn't armed with a ranged weapon, get over here." Most of the survivors were armed with kitchen knives, hatchets, or anything else they could find in Sporting goods/housewares sections, and thus didn't have much in the way of range. Wenever they come and pick up a gun, officer Jack shows them how it's used and how to reload it.

Only one Wal-Mart employee remains alive, and he shows us the way to the roof. As the second survivor starts climbing, the zombies arrive. Thousands of them. Tens of thousands. "Where the hell did all these zombies come from?" screams a survivor. "Hell if I know. Keep climbing!" replies Nick. Officer Jack, Nick, Joey, annd a couple other survivors set their M4A1 rifles on fully automatic and start gunning down the zombies. Another pair of survivors, along with me, have shotguns, so we protect the climbing survivors. We send the survivors with ranged weapons (pistols, rifles, crossbows) up first, so they can provide cover fire. We give the backpacks and other supplies to those carrying shotguns and other close-range weapons, and have them distribute them among the survivors.

As the final survivor who isn't defending ascends the ladder to the roof, I shout to Nick "Nick! You and the rest of the riflers, up the ladder, ASAP! We'll be right behind you!" "Yessir." Nick responds with a grin. He climbs the ladder, along with the rest of the riflers. As soon as the last one is up, I send the pair of survivors who are defending with me up the ladder. As soon as they're up, I shoulder the shotgun and begin my climb. Halfway up the ladder, I hear a loud creak. I look down, and see a zombie pulling on the ladder. Apparently the mutations caused some individuals to have incredible strength, as well. I climb as fast as I can, but the ladder finally falls just before I reach the top. A hand reaches downwards and grabs my writs. I promptly grab ahold with all my strength as I get pulled up. As I climb over the edge of the roof, I get a look at my savior. Turns out to be my friend Kyleen. "I was wondering how long until I'd see you. You're the main person I thought would believe me enough to come here." "Yeah, well, I figured you're not quite crazy enough to lie about a zombie apocalypse." "Hey, whatever works. At least we're alive."


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