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From Randomramblings


Who is Manze?

Manze is a poster on the Random Ramblings forums. He started playing the game Kingdom of Loathing on November 21, 2004. He joined the forums on December 31, 2004, but didn't enter RR until sometime in April, 2005.

What does his name mean?

Well, originally it came from a couple of typos when inputting his highscore into Bubble Bobble, where instead of typing Marc, it came out Manz=, which, in the font used by Bubble Bobble, looked like Manze. So I started using it. After a quick google search, Manze is apparently the last name of a violinist. Go figure.

What does he look like?

He's around 5 foot 8, with long brown hair, a serious face, and eyes that vary in colour from blue to gray to green.

Where does he live?

He lives close to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

What has he contributed to RR?

Well, he wrote a zombie survival short story (Manze's Zombie Short Story) (sort of...). Other than that, not much.

Why do I care about this?

Hey, you're the one that searched it, not me. Try asking yourself the question.

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