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From Randomramblings

LizardBoy speaks true.

~ Caine on Lizardboy

Lizardboy speaks lies.

~ Kitteh on Lizardboy

Lizardboy (Sometimes called LizardBoy, Lizard Boy, Lizze, LB, Lizard, or Libby) is a current contributing member of Random Ramblings. A very sluggish forum goer, Lizardboy is an informative poster. Whenever a random question is muttered, he replies by giving such answers though Wikipedia, using the phrase "THE POWER OF WIKIPEDIA COMPELS YOU!". He has also contributed to the forum by drawing a few comics.


Lizardboy has not made many threads, mainly because his threads suck. Only two have made it to a second page.


  • Lizardboy will use puns at any given moment.
  • Any use of lame memes will cause Lizardboy to stab forum goers.
  • Lizardboy can apply logic to an abstract thread bringing it to a screeching halt.
  • Lizardboy does not look cuter with cat ears.


Lizardboy's favorite thread (that he made)

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