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Lady Kirie

From Randomramblings

Everyone loves a cleavage shot!

...Lady Kirie's avatar makes my pee pee feel all tingly.

~ Oscar Wilde on Lesbian Secks

Lady Kirie is a semi-regular on the Random Ramblings forums. She is reputed to be a female living near the Chicago area, but this has not been proven.

Lady Kirie

On RR, Lady Kirie is most known for her non-sensical stories and her posting of semi-serious things, generally with interesting results. She comes and goes, but most often is on during the daytime on weekdays. She doesn't role-play, but will post in most non-RP threads.

Besides RR, Lady Kirie spends most of her time working. She is also on staff at Sakura-Con as a Newsletter Coordinator, and is a Professor at the Anime Academy under the name of Mana. She also spends much of her time browsing 4chan, and playing the Kingdom of Loathing, despite the fact that she sucks at it.

Worthy of note is that Lady Kirie is an accomplished writer, evidenced by her reviews on anime shows. Carefully crafted with a wide variety of literary resources ranging from erotically charged descriptions of the show to erotically charged descriptions of the show, her work is widely considered to be some of the finest literature out there nowadays. Some of Lady Kirie's most beloved works include her positive reviews on the anime shows Chobits and The O'Reilly Factor, reviews that awarded her the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Unfortunately, she pawned off the Nobel Prize and spent the money on hookers.


Yuri = <3

If anyone on RR ever remembers anything about Lady K, it's her liking of yuri, which is often loudly proclaimed in her signatures and avatars. She thinks it is the best to combat TheWalrus and his yaoi, though it doesn't seem to be working very well. Walrus claims this is due to him being bisexual, but we all know he's really a lesbian.

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