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From Randomramblings

A disturbing example.

A long time ago, in a subforum far, far away, there was a furry.

Only this furry doesn't actually like the majority of furries, who are very weird people. And this furry likes to poke fun at their own subculture. This furry, being named Chaly, decided to start a horrible meme. A meme which has penetrated the minds of most RRers and stuck there long past its expiration date--kind of like a glob of dried semen on a motel room wall, appropriately enough.

This meme, as you now know, is LOL YIFF.

The original idea came from the Jesus image macros, usually consisting of him being asked a question and answering humorously with ", LOL" tacked on at the end of his sentence. Figuring that the LOL is what made the Jesus pictures so great, Chaly stuck it in front of an already-funny word that RRers love to spring on newbies in an attempt to get them to hit up Image Google (and consequently go blind).

It drives moderators mad. It shows up at the worst times. And it makes for great avatars.

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