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Kraal quarra

From Randomramblings

LOL WIKI IDEA PERSON GUY!!!111!!!oneoneone!!!1

~ Oscar Wilde on Kraal Quarra

Kraal Quarra is a forumer. He's ChiveBoy1's multi used when on a computer other than his own. He started the thread that lead to this very wiki. His KoL name is OnionMan1.

Join Date

Kraal Quarra-July 17, 2006 ChiveBoy1-October 26, 2005


He's obsessed with Green Day, though not many RRers know it, so therefore he isn't flamed a lot.


Also, he is of the 20% of RR that hasn't declared to be ruler of some far away nation. He's a Anti-Janusist, too. Which means he follows the teachings of Anti-Janusism, whom anti-lordjanus is the god of.

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