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Kick person named bob

From Randomramblings

The title of this page is incorrect, due to the fact that MediaWiki does not allow a forward slash character to start an article. The proper title for this article is /Kick person named bob.

Gather round children, and I'll tell you a tale, of why we kick Bob, and cause him to wail.

Once upon a time, in the Phase Shift forums, there was a nifty little feature called the chatbox. The roleplaying nerds frolicked happily in the chat, rolling dice and munching on snacks.

Then, the plague came. The plague's name was Person Named Bob, and he constantly irritated everyone with mindless babble and always

using at least

ten or

more lines to

type a simple


into the chat.

The people were forced to ignore Bob if they wanted to chat. It was very annoying, he wouldn't quit being a prat.

Until one day, the /kick feature of the chatbox was discovered. The people rejoiced as again and again Bob was kicked with a resounding "BOOM!", sometimes even being kicked before he entered the room.

Eventually even the people of RR joined the fray: While they have been unable to successfully /kick bob from the forums yet, some still pray.

The story continues on the the IRRC, where when PNB is kicked the kiddies go "WHEE!"

This story has gone for too long, I had to hold back a yawn.

So fuck off kid, get off my lawn.

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