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Kenny 4 Prez

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Kenny 4 Prez is a legendary thread, one of the great spam threads.

Life of the Thread

Begun by ranar simply as a tribute to his friend, Kenny Strife. Famously, the three options in the poll were "yes," "no," and "spam." Even more famously, Kenny is well-known to have himself voted for spam. The thread therefore may in fact be one of the earliest to use the concept of a "comedy option."

The thread was generally a linchpin of the socialization of RR, forming a sort of secret society. This concept was eventually solidified when Kenny began to make a comic based on the thread, using the current posters in the thread.

Being such a social thread, and having had such a long life, it is essentially no more than a gigantic threadjack.

The beginning of the end for the thread involved a drunken dare by Giboc, then-mod of RR. In a move similar to, albeit far weaker than, his early deletion of RR, Giboc agreed to lock three random threads based on numbers given to him by people in chat. K4P was one of them. Although not removed completely from the subforum, the act caused a chain of events which led to Giboc's second removal as mod. The replacement chosen was Kenny Strife himself.

As the point of the thread was to elect Kenny Strife to a position of power within an undefined scope, this action seemed to render the thread as little more than a victory party. When K4P returned to action, it began to lose steam, the conversation focusing more on Katamari Damacy than anything else.


Given how long the thread lasted, and how many people were involved, K4P served to entrench many famous posters in RR, as well as solidify many of the images of the various posters. For instance, Lordjanus's image as a violent sociopath, while innate to his being, was more clearly defined through his appointment as the Minister of Murder. It is also believed to have caused the shift within poster oh no shrubs from a simple spam artist to one of RR's greatest contributors.

In addition to being an early adopter of the comedy option, as mentioned above, K4P is possibly the first thread to use the format of nominating a poster to a political office. What is definitely known is that it was and is the only such thread to succeed, both in the fact that it lasted longer than any other has, and that it only died after it had succeeded in a certain fashion.

Kenny himself now seems somehow ashamed of the thread, and in it's dying phases often wished that he could have locked it. However, the infamous KoL forum admin, Aelfrhian, forbid him from doing so, leaving him with no choice but to hope for it's eventual death.

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