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Kazer's human form.
Kazer is a known Wiccan.


Kazers Adventures in RRtopia

Kazer, an adventurer from the 81st demention, which is made up completly of all the shineys you could never find after hours of searching in the Pokemon games, left his world for RRtopia on the 24 of November, 2004. Since he gained access to this rare and excrutiatinly painful dimensiontimeplace (which, RR is technicly classified as, due to it's sheer awesomeness) he has gained the ability of the 15th Hamburg, and 666th Yiffsuitus. Using their power combined, he formed the website of ultimate descriptiveness +5 where it is rumured his character description lies.

The Yiffsuitus 666

This devious spell, formed on the very first 6/6/6, which, in actuality, was .6/.6/.6, causes it's user to become a Furry. Kazer used the spell, of course (I mean, who wouldn't mess around foolishly with a tome of ancient evil?) and opened the "CHARACTER CREATION SCREEN". Using this screen, he formed himself... into a furry.

Sarantan Garthan

Once he had gone through the "CHARACTER CREATION SCREEN", Kazer gained the ability to become "Sarantan Garthan". Sarantan is his furry form, which he uses in every RPG he can. While there is a legend of a website describing this form, the actual wherabouts of this site have never been officially recorded. If it is ever found, this will be the first place it is linked to.

One form of Sarantan Garthan

The Shiney Army

When Kazer came to RRtopia (he actually come to RRtopia, which caused a nation-wide flood, but scientists are still in the process of figuring how it was possible) he had brought with his Shiney Army, and army of the afore mentioned Shineys from his demention. Until recently, he had not revealed this army, but he has finally allowed the nature of their kind to be released. Experts say he may use the army to host a hostile takeover in the future, but no one really knows.

The current location of this army is as of yet unknown, but it is commonly suspected to be contained in a single Pokeball.

The Penii

If we were to even hint at the extent of Kazer's 3 penii, you screen would explode, as it is phisically impossible to set your resolution high enough to contain the vagueist idea of how large it is.

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