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Iron Fist

From Randomramblings

The Iron Fist (also known as "Iron Fist Week") usually occurs when the moderators of RR get fed up with the immense amount of junk being posted in RR and do something about it. This "something" is usually in the form of larger-than-usual amounts of threads being locked, usually with the mod that closes the topic posting "FIST" at the end.

History of the Iron Fist

It is unclear who started the Iron Fist tradition, but it is usually attributed to Giboc. It is also unclear when the original Iron Fist weeks were due to the Great RR Purge. However, the last one was on Thanksgiving Weekend of 2005.

Ironically, Iron Fist weeks were causes of great joy in the posters in RR, despite the greater risk of having their threads FISTed. It is unclear why this is; however, the most common explanation has to do with how RR members' brains (don't) work.

Iron Fist Today

The Iron Fist was reimplemented by Crapstorm on September 26, 2006, to much fanfare by the regulars. Originally thought to be a week long, it has turned out to be an ongoing feature of the forum.

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