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Internet War

From Randomramblings

You are sending troops into an radiation filled zombie infested wasteland? That takes balls.

~ Person named Bob on an attack by ICBM

Internet War is an ArmPG created by ICBM on Wed Jan 18, 2006 6:04 pm.


Internet War

I declare the internet to be in a state of war as of this moment. Please go to your nearest internet
facility to pick up your draft card. Remember, all laws are to be suspended and the government by
subverted into a dictatorship for the duration of the war.If you wish to help the war effort, you may 
also purchase war bonds at dividends of $100's. These bonds will yield a 50% interest upon maturing*
Join the internet army! You can be a soldier or if you are good at fighting, you can move up in the
ranks an be a commanding officer!

Page One


Those who participated in Internet War chose either the sides of the Hackers, the bad dudes, or the The Internet, as it was first called. Eventually, enough players joined, and the game was off. The sides were somewhat even. At first it was somewhat disorganized, but grew more coherent. Roles were established, and individual characters completed mission on a small scale (air strikes, frag grenades, and head shots).

Most of the players by would be pivotal to the development of the ArmPg have already assembled by Page One. Google was fiercely competed over, and both sides fought for control. Runescape was particularly disliked, and was destroyed by The_Editable_Wiki and others.

Page Two

Following a conversation between Darkmaster and ChiveBoy1, the game seems underway. Scottmale24 interrupts with a IT'S A TRAP meme, and life went on. ICBM issued a status report of himself, claiming to capture www.google.com, only to have The_Editable_Wiki to obtain www.googlee.com, and specificallyEnglish version of Google.

Darkmaster bombed Allied Rich Trading Sites, and dealt a significant blow to the Allies. Meanwhile, The_Editable_Wiki attacks Wikipedia and establishes it under his control, with no fuss at all. Penisland is brought under the heel of the 'Northern Browsers', or the Allies. Then it happens..

Person Named Bob joins, for his own side. Right after that, Ukapu_Boy joins as well, and fortifies Uncyclopedia. Bob releases attack chimeras from my orbital drop ship to eat spies. ICBM reconstructs Wikipedia, and attacks googlee.com For some inexplicable reason, Darkmaster attacks ICBM, and eliminates the supply centers of the armies.

ICBM destroys googlee.com, and rises.[Atlantis] rises. The island is split, due to the inhabits being confused. Deals are made, and PNB makes his own nation;The Grand Imperial National Nationistic Army of Nationstates [alternatively, Nationalists]. War machines of massive sizes are released by Nationalists and Atlanteans. Nationalits are losing, but Bob {Quote}...convert[s] an environmentally stunning nation of 6.311 billion people who are trained to kill people from 6 paces and whose kids are mindless killing machines into a massive beam of energy that punctures Atlantis and sends it back beneath the waves where they plot with their massive energy shields. The beam wipes out all my forces but an evil toaster.{Unquote}

Due to that being a massive God-Mod, it is agreed some Atlanteans survived. A super-massive war erupts from what is left, and Atlantis seems doomed.

Page Three

The Allies attck the Nationalists, but due to a T-virus missile, the area is zombified. The Infantry all die, from radiation and zombification. Realizing the stupid blunder they made, the Allies send WWII tanks in to fight, adn the good tanks serve in a secret mission.

A new person joins (TrippedandFell), commits treason, and is captured by the might of the Allied Army. Darkmaster leads a daring rescue, which is successful. ICBM has had enough, the Allies become the Internet Empire, completely recaptures myspace, rename it yahoo.com ,and destroy some Haxis (Hackers) cities. PNB releases a league of mini-mods, but they are dispatched due to them not having any real power.

The_Editable_Wiki returned from so inactivity, and announced his absence by saying that the secrets of runes had been discovered. Using the slave labor they produced, the military got a boost, as well as the entire Haxis. PNB hacks into the Haxis, steals the runs, and ruins it all. Darkmaster got angry, and attacked the entirety of Nationalists. ICBM also attacked, and destroyed the Internet...

The Internet 2 was created.However, this new continent is a flat piece of concrete floating in space. (For those of you who play/played Starcraft, this continent looks like the space levels in starcraft.The southern point of the continent is occasionally bombarded by radiation from millions of years ago. PNB braced for an attack, and the Haxis troops advanced into the menace known as Nationalist. Then, a scientific breakthrough, and a crystal (powered by radiation)is developed by Darkmaster to control the undead.

ICBM attacks a city across the lava river that divides the Internet Empire and the Haxis, in a way similar to an attack during the turning point of American Revolutionary War, but the Haxis anticipated the assault, and countered by bombing a useless regiment the had placed to lure in the Empire.

The_Editable_Wiki creates a modified L-Bomb (leet bomb) to remove some of the 'History' the Empire use to track everyday lives of citizens. The bomb travels along the Intarweb, and moves the data stolen from the Empire to the Haxis.ChiveBoy1 sets out on his own sub-story to destroy the natives of the planet, and remove an ever-present enemy.

PNB proclaims that Darkmaster loses control of the zombie hoard, and they begin to form a massive super-zombie to attack everyone. Darkmaster attempts a godmod, fails, and a pilot kamikazes the zombie and destroys the controller unit keeping them from killing everything. They are now roaming wide and far.

Page 4

ICBM starts off by telling everyone a massive sun storm eliminated the entirity of the above ground continent, and the ravaged landscape rebuilds, rather quickly.Fighting continues, beginning with PNB randomly destroying a vast amount of the continent, and plenty of carnage ensues.

Darkmaster unveils the Grand Cannon, and devastates the forces of the Nationalists. PNB calls for god-modding, but the technical proof is on the side of Darkmaster. As GM, ICBM allows this. PNB decided it would be safe to build on the underside of the continent, and makes preparations to do so.

The_Editable_Wiki's forces withdraw from the southern half of the Haxis territory and enter the Intarweb itself, a realm. Rebuilding RuneScape to use as a slave camp, Tew colonizes on a continent the size of Italy, x5. There, he quietly rebuilded while PNB mines into the continent, but all is futile when Darkmaster fires his Grand Cannon into the Nationalist forces, decimating them. Meanwhile, ICBM goes on the offensive, and travels into the past and shreds it apart. Darkmaster fires the Cannon at ICBM while they are moving, and morale drops for the Empire.

The_Editable_Wiki completes his plan. The Nationalists are completely obliterated.Some conversation follows, and TEW stumbles across a new weapon: Disease. A lab in the Republic of Haxor, a sub-unit of the Haxis, exploded and is cut off from the main land. It was monitored. Some Godmodding issues arouse, and ICBM declared that the Game would be locked.


After ICBM announced that the game had ended. Tew posted his end-game plan, and transported his colony to the realm of Internet2. Firing his cannon, he devastated the continent from such close range, and dropped his 'zombie' colony (the one with disease) into the remaining land, and declared victory. There was some dispute over who won, but in the end, the topic lay dead and buried.

The End


Writer of Article: The_Editable_Wiki

Host of Game: ICBM

Main Contestants: ChiveBoy1,Darkmaster,ICBM,Person Named Bob, The_Editable_Wiki

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