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I hate Runescape

From Randomramblings

So I'm in my local library. And this kid of like eight years gets onto the computer next to me, and goes to runescape...

~ rkMerafel on I hate Runescape

This was a thread made by rkMerafel, whom was at his school library one day. A kid of 'about 8 years' sat down next to him and played RuneScape.

Something had to be done.

What to do?!

Since no one in RR likes Runescape at all, ideas were made on what to do. They include but are not limited to:

  • disconnect his computer, but in a way that nobody notices
  • Aim for the pooper.
  • Ninja press Alt+F4 on his computer.
  • Stare at him until he gets uncomfortable.
  • Turn around and deadpan him "How u mine 4 fsh?"

rkMerafel did none of this, but only had 12 minutes until the kid got off. rkMerafel wasn't going to make it. BUT THEN HE SAW THE LIGHT!



~ rkMerafel on his thanks

rkMerafel found out how to do it. Oh_no_shrubs told him that 'Gold Coins', but although adamantine long sword works too.(GO GO GO). Nexuscore told him the Internet weeps for him, as he knew this information. But there was no time to lose.

Then, it happened. rkMerafel did it. He asked if the kid had the sword. He said no. rkMerafel told him of the Mystical Alt+F4, and HE SUCCEEDED! After telling the kid he might have been a cheater, the kid gave up, and walked away.


The rest of the thread was about WoW and Runescape being the same thing and Mormonism and such. Before someone_lurking locked the thread, it was discovered Adamjirra will most likely kill you if you use World of Warcraft and Runescape in the same sentence.

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