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From Randomramblings

lol hai guys whuts goin on in dis chat?

~ Oscar Wilde on IRRC



The RR IRC, also known as IRRC, was started in June of 2006 by Balsis. Initial response was varied, with many a "lol." The first few days were mainly spent spamming and re-enacting famous plays or movies. Things eventually quieted down, and the channel was moved to another server, because the original one was "teh sux." After much drama, a few people left the IRRC for a time.

Presently, the IRRC is somewhat active. Durring the day, it is more often than not dead, but once night falls, the crazies come out of the woodwork.

The topic of IRC varies from time to time, and is always as insane as the people in the IRRC. A typical topic would be:

Walrus is slowly making you Gay. ALSO: http://rrwiki.net: The RR Wiki of Doom (ALSO THE GAME)" 

This topic includes an advertisement for this very wiki, which is why it was chosen by our expert panel of judges.

Current Auto-Ops

Lord Janus
Doom Inductor

Common Disturbances

Including the auto-ops, there are many other people that frequent the IRRC! You might want to check them out here!

Channel Information

server: irc.esper.net
channel: #RRam

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