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Oh, shit. Might you have been looking for User:Hinoa?

Name Hinoa "Hin" Arash
Age 19
Gender Male
Location Ann Arbor, MI
Country United States
Nickname Hinoa4, Hinoa, Faust (occasionally)
Occupation Pope of the Church of Janusism

Hinoa, otherwise known as Hinoa4, is stupid a no-good waste of flesh a person who just happens to go to RR, and considers himself a "semi-regular." He is a regular of IRRC, under the name of--oddly enough--Hinoa (though he occasionaly uses Faust). He joined the KoL forums on 21 Oct 2005 (literally, right before White Wednesday). For the earlier years of his forumtry, he had a rivalry with grudge against IET. They have since made up.

Uses of the Hinoa

The Hinoa is to be used, not abused. He gets enough of that at Uncyclopedia, where he is an admin. With that in mind, your brand-new Hinoa can perform several functions:

  • Make smartass comments!
  • Pretend not to spam!
  • Administer a wiki!
  • Administer forums!*
  • Op an IRC channel without being lynched!
  • Be a total jackass to everyone!
  • Hate humanity!

*: Other forums, not the KoL ones. Thank god.

Special Notes

Hinoa is an sysop on this wiki, as well as Uncyclopedia. However, he fully expects that no one will be a jackass here and force a ban. Because y'know, he's already lost 99% of his faith in humanity.

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