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Grammar Socialism

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Grammar Socialism, also known as Grammar Nazism, is evidence of Godwin's Law in it's finest. Gazism refers primarily to the ideology of the Gramatiksozialistische Zufälliges Posterpartei (Grammar Socialist Random Posters Party, or GSRPP). It is also used to refer to the policies adopted by the government of Random Ramblings from 2004 up until 20XG6 (known as Nazi Ramblings or the "Third Coming of the Ghost of the English Language"). Gazism consists of a loose collection of ideas and does not have a precise definition, although a strong understanding of grammar and spelling, an intolerance of "n00bs," and genocide of said "noobs" often fall within Gazi thought. The Gazi's are not to be confused with Big Brother, Post Communism, and Grammar Ninjas.

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