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Google Seppuku

From Randomramblings


What is it?

Why I'll tell you my good lad. Google Seppuku is a game that was born from the twisted mind of our beloved Uncle Ghastly.

Yes, But How Do I Play?

Why, using Google, of course! Or Google Image Search to be exact.

The rules are simple. Enter a few random Japanese characters into Google Image search, and look at all the resulting pictures until you find one so disturbing, you wish you'd never been born. The player who goes the most pages "wins" the game.

Why the Hell Would Anyone Play this Game?

Boredom. Or to satisfy sexual fetishes. Or to prove that you're more desensitized to internet horrors than your average bear. Or a plethora of other reasons.

Known Google Seppuku Players of RR

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The Birth of Google Seppuku

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